Pine Crane Katana


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The red-crowned crane holds profound respect and power in the Japanese mythos, believed to live for a thousand years. The pine tree is another symbol of power, longevity, and wisdom. Both are represented on the Pine Crane Katana. Shinto beliefs state that the gods of heaven reside in the ancient pines. The nature inspired design is carried throughout this Japanese sword in stirring flows of earth tones. The embossing on the bronzed steel guard, collar, and pommel are finely detailed, echoing life in art. The black cotton handle wrap is beautifully contrasted by the white ray skin, silver collar and crane ornaments, and the bronzed fittings. The 27.88 inch forged T10 blade boasts a gorgeously prominent hamon with a mirror finish. The 1.5 inch point pierces quickly and deeply, as the bill of a crane impales a fish. Like the crane, this katana is long yet very light, considering the length of the blade and the 12 inch hilt. The textured brown saya contains all this majesty and power, highlighted by the first 8.25 inches decorated with alternating stripes of gloss and matte black. A charcoal and copper accented cord wrap and buffalo horn fittings complete the elegant sheath. Often used in wedding attire, the red-crowned crane mates for life, as you may choose to pair this katana with the matching Pine Crane Wakizashi (SD35300), sold separately, to create a harmonious daisho.

T10 is the Chinese equivalent of 1095, but it has silicon added as an alloying element to improve the steels strength and wear resistance properties. T10 blades are able to be tempered to a high hardness and hold an edge well. Similar to 1095, rust resistance is low, and T10 blades must be carefully maintained.

Please keep in mind that this sword has been hand-forged, varying slightly in finish and overall measurements.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful and functional katana
  • Elegant design imbued with symbolism
  • Blade displays an undulating hamon line
  • Tsuba depicts a crane and a pine branch
  • Charcoal and copper wrapped cord on the saya
  • Makes a stunning addition to any collection


  • Forged T10 steel blade
  • Silver crane accents
  • Bronzed sword fittings
  • Black cotton handle wrap
  • Lacquered wood saya
  • Buffalo horn saya fittings


  • Overall Length: 41.25 Inches
  • Blade Length: 27.88 Inches
  • Handle Length: 12 Inches
  • Sori: 0.63 Inch
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 6 oz.
  • HRC Edge: 60
  • HRC Spine: 40

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.


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