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Shop Dark Knight Armoury for your next sorcery tool. Here we have a wide range of LARP wands, perfect for any magic caster. Most of our wands feature one of two constructions. Some of our wands have wood cores with foam sleeves. The others have bendable steel cores. The wood-core wands have interchangeable sleeves. Each wood-core wand can exchange either its core or handle sleeve for another wood-core wand. Meanwhile, the steel-core wands are polyurethane foam. Their bendability allows them to bend for a better angle. A bent wand can also add a bit of flair to your spell casting.
Our wands feature various colors, designs, and styles. For example, we have wands that feature skulls at the ends of the handles. These wands are perfect for necromancers and other dark sorcerers or sorceresses. There are multiple wands that feature faux gems on the ends. Some are round gems, while others are more pointed. These mage wands work well for a variety of characters. Mages, witches, casters of elemental magic and much more are all characters that would look right at home wielding these wands. In addition, we have wands that feature creatures on the ends of the handles. There are dragon heads, phoenixes, lions, and more. These could work for druids or beast masters.
Regardless of your magical character, we are sure to have a wand perfect for you. Make sure to check out our LARP Wands category here at Dark Knight Armoury. Cast your spell with one of our wands at your next LARP event, cosplay convention, or fantasy festival.


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