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The kukri (or khukuri) knife is based on a historical Nepalese knife style that was used as both a weapon and a cutting tool, made famous as the weapon of choice used by the Nepalese Army and the feared and fearsome Gurkha regiments throughout the world. This traditional Gurkha blade, still wielded today by these fearsome soldiers in South Asia, is now available in a variety of styles here directly from Dark Knight Armoury! 

Once you’ve had a chance to handle a steel kukri knife for the first time, you’ll never forget it. The traditional kukri or khukuri from Nepal is a full tang knife that features a short handle and a blade that widens into a dropped, sweeping point, giving the kukri blade an iconic silhouette that is unmistakable anywhere. This swept point makes the kukri ideal for clearing underbrush and trailblazing as much as it makes these knives a wicked tool for hand-to-hand combat. Much of the legendary bravery and ferocity of the Gurkhas lives in the kukri, and anyone who has ever seen a Gurkha in combat has a hard time knowing where the soldier begins and the kukri ends.

Now, you can get a measure of that fantastic and fabled power with your own steel kukris from Dark Knight Armory. We offer a range of ka bar style knives that includes both decorative and functional pieces, but the iconic knife blade design is preserved across all the steel kukris we carry – it’s simply not a kukri if you don’t have that dramatic, swept blade!

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Our wide selection of  kukris include ceremonial kukri knives, kukri knives designed for combat situations, and kukris for survival use such as chopping, clearing, and digging. Our ornate kukri makes fantastic display pieces or ritual tools, and our tactical kukri blades are ideal for hunting, wilderness survival, or even for use in self-defense or combat. Many of our kukris are also great for everyday utility use, with their sharp steel blades making excellent work of any task that needs done while out in the field. 

Great for slashing, chopping, and piercing, the kukri knife is a multipurpose tool and an absolute must-have for collectors. Unleash the fury of the indomitable Gurkha with a kukri and see just how powerful and iconic kukris are when added to your personal collection!

We’re proud of each and every khukuri or kukri knife we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury, but we’re so much more than a blade seller. Dark Knight Armory is the best source of custom armor, weaponry, and LARP items in the USA. Aside from quality khukuris, we also offer other weapons such as machetes, other ka bar style knives, and armor of different materials such as steel, chainmail, and leather, clothing, accessories, decor, furniture, jewelry, and more, making us your one-stop-shop for SCA, LARP, and historical reenactment. Whether you need just a knife blade or anything else, you’ve come to the right place. So what are you waiting for? Shop our huge selection today!


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