The Hobbit

Before there was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, there was The Hobbit. This fantasy novel captivated millions with its clever story, which tells the tale of a homebody hobbit who is thrust from his home by a company of dwarves to seek fame, fortune, and adventure in a world that he, despite being a part of it, could only begin to fathom or wonder at. The Hobbit, also known under its full title of The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, was written by acclaimed author J. R. R. Tolkien and was published on September 21 in 1937. It inevitably achieved world-wide acclaim, and it was the clamor for more that led Tolkien to begin writing his famous trilogy later that year. The Hobbit is all about Bilbo Baggins, who was once a very traditional and insular hobbit. A company of thirteen dwarves, though, and a wizard all change Bilbos life by introducing him to a life of adventure. Here we pay homage to this old story by breathing new life into its characters, its designs, and its memorable moments by allowing you to enjoy them in your own life. How? We carry a huge assortment of items that are inspired by The Hobbit, as well as a number of licensed products that are perfect for the Tolkien collector! We have fully functional hobbit pipes that allow you to enjoy a nice puff of tobacco, just as the characters might have in their downtime, as well as Hobbit jewelry that is perfect for adorning yourself in the glimmering accessories that hail from the world of Middle-earth. And of course, we also offer a number of costumes that will give you the likeness of your favorite characters, including costumes that will transform you into your favorite wizard, dwarf, or hobbit. Plus, we have The Hobbit swords and weapons you need to make your costume really stand out. So as you can see, we have all the collectibles you need to celebrate your love of this classic tale, as well as a wide selection of Hobbit t-shirts that all but ensure that you can stay decked out in the gear that shows how much you truly love this novel (as well as the movie series).

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