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For The Hobbit enthusiast in you, there is no better place to be than here. Not only do we have a wide selection of Hobbit stuff, but we also have a section wholly devoted to great Hobbit collectibles, which you can find right here! Located in this category are all sorts of little intricacies and objects that are bound to pique your interest! Already a work of masterful fantasy and fiction, The Hobbit film, directed by Peter Jackson, has served only to enhance the storys following, and now, objects seen from within that film can be yours in the form of several of our own great collectibles. We offer several of some of the more noteworthy items from the film, including appealing little trinkets like the very key to Erebor that Thorin Oakenshield carried, done in beautiful cast metal. Of course, we have more than just the legendary key, including a recreation of the map Thorin used to reach Erebors hidden door, as well as a map of Middle-earth itself, both scrawled onto quality parchment and designed to look ancient. And these are only a few of the options you will find here in this category. Stunning in their detail, each and every one of the Hobbit collectibles you will find here are all amazing works, ones that will no doubt attract fans and fanatics of the Hobbit novel and the Hobbit films from far and wide, all so that they might claim a piece of the legendary story and make it a part of their everyday life and decor.


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