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Spawned from the mind of J. R. R. Tolkien are dozens of unique and intriguing characters, and you get to meet many of them in his incredible novel, The Hobbit. We expand that notion here, making it easy to transform yourself into one of those well-known and well-loved characters with any one of The Hobbit Costumes that we offer here! Here, you will find a huge selection of costumes that enable you to assume the look of your favorite character, ranging from many of The Hobbits noteworthy characters, and even reaching beyond, to some of the later characters who show up in The Hobbits epic trilogy sequel, The Lord of the Rings. The costumes here are perfect for transforming you into your favorite dwarf or hobbit, allowing you to become Bilbo Baggins as he travels to pilfer gold and jewels from Smaug. Or you can become Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Dori, Gloin, Bofur, and more, if you prefer to let your dwarvish side take over! You can even become Gandalf himself, one of the most famous and powerful wizards from the lands of Middle-earth! And of course, we also offer a number of costume accessories as well that are perfect for adding those final touches to any of The Hobbit based costumes you might assemble! It goes without saying that any of The Hobbit Costumes you find here are great for Halloween, as well as a great choice for any costumed event you can think to attend!


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