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Hear me roar! Among noble houses in Westeros, few are as wealthy or as powerful as the Lannisters. Due in part to their great wealth, the family has adopted a second, unofficial motto – A Lannister always pays his debts. There is no debt here, though. Only an array of great items to be found here in our Shop for House Lannister section, allowing any fan to show off the red and gold of this House. In both the books and the series, the Lannisters are pivotal to the plot, as it is often their machinations, and sometimes their disagreements, that drive several of the plots events. Here, we offer a number of great items, ranging from quality t-shirts that feature quotes about the Lannisters to their classic house emblem, a gold lion on a crimson field. There are also Lannister pins and patches for customizing your everyday garments, and home accessories and accents like pint glasses, coasters, magnets, statues, and more, for adding that touch of style to your surroundings. So if you consider yourself a lion and want to proudly show your colors, the Shop for House Lannister section is definitely a place you will want to visit.


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