Zombie Prosthetics Scars & Wounds

Being dead and generally uncoordinated, zombies often become injured and maimed over time. We offer a number of eerie and horrifying costume prosthetics, fake scars, and latex appliance wounds, all of which are perfect for adding gruesome detail to your zombie look! Some of these fake wounds are fairly typical, like costume scratches, rashes, and cuts, while others are truly ghastly spectacles like slit throats, infected stitches, maggot-ridden gashes, and third-degree burns. Latex injuries are not all you will find here, though, since we also offer Halloween prosthetics like fake noses, fake ears, costume horns, and more. Do not drive yourself crazy trying to create the grotesque look you are going for – instead, choose one of these pre-colored and shaped costume appliances that looks just as good as something home-made with far less hassle.


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