Zombie Costume Accessories

If you want to blend in with the shambling hordes, make sure to stock up on the fantastic zombie costume accessories that we carry here. These zombie accessories will transform you into a convincing member of the undead with items like bloody bandages, costume make-up, fake blood, gory wound prosthetics, and zombie wigs. Our zombie blood comes in gel packs, capsules, sprays, and containers as large as a gallon, ensuring that you can create the effect you want. Our latex appliances range from hideous injuries to unsightly rashes to grotesque scars that are sure to make others wince when they see you. We offer zombie make-up in colors that are ideal for mimicking bruises, rotting flesh, and other horrific creatures, as well as the necessary applicators and removal supplies. These undead costume accessories are ideal for Halloween parties, haunted houses, zombie walks, stage performances, and other thematic events. These gruesome accessories are great for other horror costumes, as well.

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