Zombie Costume Make-Up

Transform yourself into one of the undead with ease this Halloween when you bring home this high-quality zombie costume make-up! We carry a wide range of professional grade make-up colors perfect for granting you a ghoulish pallor – or any other look you choose! In addition to our water-based make-up and cream make-up, we provide all of the necessary make-up applicators, setting sprays, and make-up removers, as well as special effects kits. We offer a number of make-up stacks that include a set of colors that look great blended together as well as individual colors. In addition to face make-up, our inventory includes other zombie costume accessories like zombie nails and nail polishes, zombie ooze, zombie costume tattoos, and costume glo-mouth. In this category, you can find everything you need to get your zombie look off to a great start.


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