Rotted Zombie Teeth


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No self-respecting member of the undead would dare be caught with perfect teeth! Given all the munching and crunching that zombies do, the Rotted Zombie Teeth are just about what a zombies teeth might really look like. Just remember, though, that as rotted, decayed, or gapped as a zombies teeth might look, they are still dangerous to living humans. Each package contains 3 different sets of zombie teeth and gums to provide a variety of different teeth for any zombie who might like to have a choice on the matter. Each piece features grayed zombie gums and rotted teeth, although one set features four misshapen teeth, another features five jagged, uneven teeth, and the last features six gapped but undamaged teeth. Best of all, no dentist is required to apply these Rotted Zombie Teeth, unless you happen to be hungry and want to try out your new teeth on a dentist snack.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Key Features:

  • A Fun and Ghoulish Undead Accessory
  • Includes 3 Sets of Zombie Teeth
  • A Must-Have for any Zombie
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • A Great Addition to any Zombie Costume or Look


  • Crafted from High-Quality, Non-Toxic Thermoplastic


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