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Do not go into battle unprepared! Whether you enjoy LARPing, SCA, or historical re-enactments, make sure to come check out the excellent marked down armour, helmets, and shields to outfit your next fight. These sale items include steel armour packages, chainmail deals, and discounted leather armour to protect you and help you create an authentic period look. The reduced price armour, helmets, and shields come in styles ranging from medieval to Greek to fantasy, including a range of licensed products from franchises like Frank Millers 300 and Game of Thrones. Our helmet deals include crested Spartan helmets, Crusader helms, sallet helmets, and more. Shields come in historical designs like bucklers and aspides, as well as other traditional shapes. Since many of these items are available in limited quantities, make sure to take advantage of these special offers today!


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