Darkened Churburg Breastplate

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Handmade and welded for maximum durability, the Darkened Churburg Breastplate will serve you well in the tumultuous battles to come. Oxidation resistant coating gives this 19 gauge mild steel armour piece its unique darkened look.Rivets adorn the segments of the breastplate at the border of each segment, and a V-shaped stop-rib details the chest. Adjustable ductile steel flanks help ensure a close fit, while adjustable buckled straps made from top grain leather cross over the shoulders and fasten at the back, securing this armour to its wearer. Equip the Darkened Churburg Breastplate over a gambeson for ideal fit and comfort. Due to the handcrafted nature of this armour piece, there may be slight natural deviations in its pattern, color, and shape.

Key Features:

  • Handmade breastplate features V-shaped stop-rib
  • Oxidation resistant coating gives armour unique darkened look
  • Rolled edges with no sharp sides
  • Adjustable buckled straps secure armour to body
  • Adjustable ductile steel flanks for close fit
  • Great for historic reenactment and LARP events
  • Best fit and comfort when worn over a gambeson


  • Made from 1 mm thick 19 gauge mild steel
  • Adjustable straps made from top grain leather
Chest WaistWeightOverall WidthOverall Length
Medium/Large38.6-42.5 inches30.7-35 inches6.5 pounds18.5 inches17.25 inches
X-Large/XX-Large47.2-54.7 inches40.2-46.5 inches7.5 pounds20.75 inches18.5 inches


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