No matter if you are a pirate, Viking, elf, or something else, there is sure to be a Rawblade garment, accessory, or LARP weapon for you. This Spain-based brand produces high-quality historical reenactment and LARP gear. They put a special emphasis on taking the traditions of Spanish leather craft to the wider market. Their products include but are not limited to leather clothing, leather accessories, and LARP weapons. They make leather jerkins, suede doublets, and tunics. These pieces come in a range of sizes.

To add to your look, you can direct your attention to their high-quality accessories. There are bags, belts, frogs, and headwear to choose from. Their bags and pouches work for a variety of aesthetic. They have Viking bags, Celtic pouches as well as bags for medieval and fantasy looks. Hang their bags from one of their multiple belts. These belts continue the embossed detailing found on their accessories. You can also hang one of their multiple sword frogs from the belts as well. These frogs are great for medieval and pirate characters.

Rawblade also makes great leather hats. There are witch hats and hats that work for many different personas. Besides hats, they also make some wonderful leather boots and shoes. Their leather footwear comes in a wide range of sizes, allowing multiple people to wear it. Besides leather clothing and accessories, the company makes high-quality LARP weapons through their Creadores a Sueldo department. These foam weapons are latex free and fit many different LARP scenarios. Rawblade also make intricate necklaces. Make sure to stop at Dark Knight Armoury to shop this high-quality brand of LARP gear and leather accessories.


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