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Do you like to roleplay as a drow or dark elf? Why not show off your favorite character type by rolling for success with the Dark Elf Dice Bag? This tabletop gaming set includes a set of seven dice and a bag to carry them in. The set of dice has a swirled purple-and-grey coloring with white lettering. This set of roleplaying dice is a standard set, which means it includes 1 D4 die, 1 D6 die, 1 D8 die, 2 D10 dice, 1 D12 die, and finally 1 D20 die.

Next, the black leather bag fastens with a cord and toggle. It features an embossed floral pattern. Riveted onto the front flap is a light-brown label. Engraving on the label reads Dark Elf. Next to the first letter, there is a shield. It has a rune in the center that indicates the heritage archetype of the fantasy dice set. Of course, this set of gaming dice is ideal for any tabletop game that you prefer. It also makes a fun accessory for your fantasy character to take to a tavern or cosplay convention.

Please note that this set is handmade. Therefore, it may vary slightly from above.

Key Features:

  • Based on roleplaying dice sets
  • Swirled purple and grey coloring
  • Features engraved Dark Elf label
  • Includes 7 dice and a bag
  • Has a 1 D4, 1 D6, 1 D8, 2 D10s, 1 D12, and 1 D20
  • Perfect for tabletop roleplaying games


  • Dice are resin
  • Bag is leather
Pouch LengthPouch WidthPouch HeightWeightD4 Die Side LengthD6 Die Side LengthD8 Die Overall HeightD10 Die Overall HeightD12 Die DiameterD20 Die Diameter
One Size2.75 inches3.1 inches1.2 inches1.8 ounces17 millimeters16 millimeters24 millimeters20 millimeters17 millimeters20 millimeters


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