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Only those who have persevered in their studies may attain the title of master. In honor of those dedicated enough to achieve it, the Wiccan Mastery Pendant hosts the symbol of those who have attained such a prestigious understanding. This exceptional pagan pendant features a fine sterling silver build that brings an air of sophistication suited to such a dedicated lifestyle. A sleek pentacle sits as the main body of the pendant, a triangle looping through the top point of the star in a representation of a Wiccan master and accented with a small stone in the center of the pentagram. Since this pentacle pendant comes without a chain of its own, you can add it to virtually any chain or cord. Whether you keep it for special occasions or wear it with pride, no one will be able to doubt your pagan style with the Wiccan Mastery Pendant!

Key Features:

  • Indicative of highest rank in traditional Wiccan culture
  • Crafted and designed with high-quality materials
  • Displays pentacle suspended by triangle
  • Accented with small stone in the center
  • Compatible with most standard jewelry chains
  • Filled with exceptional pagan flair


  • Pendant made from fine sterling silver


  • Pendant Height: 1 Inch


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