Viking Warrior Axe


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For those craving glory and the thrill of battle, the Viking Warrior Axe symbolizes the fearless Norse spirit.

Hand Forged For the Warriors of Asgard

Designed for versatility, this axe is primarily one-handed, offering agility and flexibility in any reenactment battle. Yet, its two foot length can accommodate a two-handed grip, providing extra power for those moments demanding more force.

Additionally, the 3.5 inch axe head is made of high-quality carbon steel, offering unmatched durability and strength for battle. Furthermore, this Viking axe is accompanied by a leather sheath, ensuring its safe transport across the realms.

Experience the rush of adrenaline with every heft, reminiscent of Norse warriors and berserkers charging into the fray. Although its edges are kept dull for the safety of reenactment, this Viking hatchet doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. For the modern Viking, this warrior axe offers adaptability and strength, thanks to its authentic wrapped leather handle. Stalk through the shadowy and cold twilight of Helheim with a handle fashioned from dark hardwood.

Moreover, this berserker axe can become a fantastic companion in battle, or it can look great in your collection. Even though it is dulled for safety purposes, the Viking Warrior Axe retains its strength and power on the charge.

Beautiful in War and Peace

Regardless, you can display this Viking war axe in a case or on a rack to reminisce on past glories. Be that as it may, its design allows for both combat and display, giving your arsenal a Viking feel and your collection a stylish new addition.

Nonetheless, this Viking battle axe is not merely a weapon but a bridge to the Vikings’ storied past. Easy to transport, maintain, and incredibly durable, this berserker battle axe stands as a proud addition to your collection. Likewise, this Viking hand axe is perfect for Viking history enthusiasts, reenactment warriors, and those who appreciate functionality with historical reverence.

Safeguard Your Legacy

Whether you’re ready for combat or you desire a new piece for your weapons collection, this Norse axe invites you to embrace the legacy of legendary warriors. Conversely, you could use this Norseman axe for everyday work around the house; simply sharpen it to your specifications and tend to your land.

The genuine leather handle provides a sense of rustic charm, making your warrior hatchet stylish without sacrificing authenticity. Furthermore, the leather sheath housing the carbon steel axe head can be tied to the axe for safe storage. In conclusion, this Viking axe captures the essence of the Norse warrior spirit and will become your loyal companion on and off the battlefield.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Steel Head: Made with a personal touch, this carbon steel axe head is hand forged.
  • Hardwood Handle: Wield this striking raider axe with a dark hardwood handle.
  • Genuine Leather: Genuine leather wrapping around the handle and as a safety sheath ensures authenticity and realism for your axe.
  • Versatile Grip: Swing this axe with ease using one-handed or two-handed grips.
  • Useful Weapon and Stylish Collectible: Take this one-handed axe into battle or brandish it in your personal collection.


  • Made from solid hardwood
  • Forged from carbon steel
  • Crafted from genuine leather for both the wrapped handle and the sheath


  • Length: 25 Inches
  • Blade Edge Length: 3.5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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