Titanium Riveted Chainmail Haubergeon – 9mm Flat Rings


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Explore a realm of valor and chivalry with the Titanium Riveted Chainmail Haubergeon in 9mm Flat Rings. Designed for the modern-day warrior spirit, this medieval chainmail armour is a portal to the past, bringing the essence of knights and Vikings into your world.

Whether you are fighting foes in a reenactment, immersing yourself in the vivid imaginations of LARPing, stepping onto the stage in a theatrical production, or perfecting your cosplay ensemble, this haubergeon is tailored to embody the prowess and dignity of ancient heroes.

Constructed from 18-gauge titanium, this chainmail shirt boasts durability and strength, ensuring you stand resilient against the trials of combat and the rigor of performance. The mail is composed of 9 mm flat rings, woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern, a testament to historical accuracy and attention to detail. The 4-in-1 pattern consists of four rings woven through one ring. Each titanium chainmail ring is round riveted, enhancing the armors integrity and authenticity.

Designed for the Modern Warrior

This medieval haubergeon features short, half-length sleeves, offering mobility and comfort without compromising protection. The rounded neck design adds to the garments versatility, making it suitable for a wide array of characters—from the noble knight to the fierce Viking. Its length, extending past the hips, provides ample coverage while allowing for ease of movement, a crucial aspect for those engaging in dynamic activities.

Available in four distinct sizes, the Titanium Riveted Chainmail Haubergeon caters to warriors of different statures. Its lightweight nature, courtesy of the titanium composition, ensures that you carry the strength of metal without the burden, allowing for prolonged wear during extensive campaigns or long hours on set.

Journey Beyond with Confidence

Whether you are captivating audiences in a theatrical production, fighting fiercely at a reenactment, or bringing fantasy to life in LARPing and cosplaying ventures, the Titanium Riveted Chainmail Haubergeon stands as your faithful guardian. Its robust construction, historical fidelity, and aesthetic appeal make it an indispensable companion for those who seek to honor the legacy of the past while making their mark in the present.

Don your armor and step into legend with this chainmail haubergeon – where every ring weaves a tale of courage, craftsmanship, and an undying spirit of adventure.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from high-grade 18-gauge titanium, offering durability and strength.
  • Design: Authentic 4-in-1 chainmail pattern with 9mm flat rings, ensuring historical accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Protection: Provides extensive coverage, extending past the hips, to ensure safety in combat or performance scenarios.
  • Lightweight: The use of titanium makes this armor significantly lighter than traditional steel versions, facilitating ease of movement and extended wear.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of activities, including reenacting, LARPing, theater productions, and cosplay events.
  • Sizes: Available in four different sizes to accommodate warriors of various statures.
  • Durability: Round riveted rings enhance the armors integrity, making it resilient against the rigors of combat and performance.


  • Made from 18-gauge titanium
This chest measurement is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest CircumferenceRing Diameter
Small/Medium40.9-42.9 inches9 millimeters
Large/X-Large43.3-49.2 inches9 millimeters
XX-Large/XXX-Large49.6-55.1 inches9 millimeters
XXXX-Large/XXXXX-Large55.5-61 inches9 millimeters


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