The Red Knight Chainmail Standard


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Royal guard or royalty yourself, the Red Knight Chainmail Standard adds both a noble touch and extra protection to your historical looks. This padded chainmail collar makes it a reenactment-worthy addition to your medieval armour kit.

First, the chainmail standard is made up of 18 gauge steel rings woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern. This means that four rings weave through one ring, and the pattern then repeats to make the structure of the armour.

The blackened rings are riveted together for extra strength. The medieval chainmail collar covers the neck and drapes over the top of the shoulders. Brass rings border the edges in beautiful contrast with the oil blackened rings.

Inside, the neck features a sturdy, bright red padding. The red lining is made of cotton. The padded armour collar not only adds structure but also lends extra comfort and safety to the piece. The bright red color adds to the look of finery this piece portrays.

Finally, the medieval chainmail collar secures using two black leather straps with brass buckles. Wear the buckles in the front, as seen here, or at the back of the head. Historical evidence exists for wearing the buckles in the back for more protection in the front and thus extra safety in combat.

For princely warriors and kings who are unafraid to fight alongside their troops, this riveted chainmail standard is the perfect accent to any outfit or medieval armour kit. It pairs beautifully with other chainmail armour like the Blackened Riveted Chainmail Skirt (HW-701904BK).

Key Features:

  • Protects the neck and top of the shoulders
  • Blackened chainmail features contrasting brass border
  • Bright red padded lining adds style and comfort
  • Secures with buckled straps
  • Great for noble knights, kings, and other royals


  • Made of 9mm 18 gauge mild steel rings with brass trim

Care Instructions:

Neck CircumferenceLength from Collar to Shoulder
Medium20.5 inches6 inches
Large24.4 inches6 inches


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