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Whether you plan to head out on a raid or protect your village, wield the Sword of Baldur against your enemies in combat. Made from 1065 high-carbon steel, this functional Viking sword takes its name from a god in Norse mythology.

This Norse sword features a double-edged blade. It has a wide fuller running down the length of the factory-sharpened blade. Engraved runes that translate to Baldur adorn the base of the blade.

The Sword of Baldur continues with a short, curved crossguard. It curves towards the blade. The hilt continues with a leather grip. Carved runes for courage, protection, and strength adorn the grip. They represent different parts of the mythology surrounding Baldur. The hilt ends with a lobed pommel. The steel pommel has three lobes.

Finally, this warrior sword comes with a leather scabbard and belt. Light-brown leather strips crisscross over the dark brown leather scabbard. One of the straps near the stitched, pointed throat features a triskele, a three-pointed spiral. The chape has a matching spiral. Knotwork adorns the belt loop on the scabbard. Take this replica sword to your next historical reenactment or battle. You can add the Sword of Baldur to a weaponry collection.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Reads Baldur in runes on the blade
  • Features runes of courage, strength, and protection
  • Comes with a detailed scabbard
  • Great for historical reenactments


  • Blade is 1065 high-carbon steel
  • Scabbard is top-grain leather


Measurements are approximate

Overall LengthBlade LengthBlade WidthWeight
37.5 Inches31 Inches2.1 Inch2 Pounds 11 Ounces


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