Swallow Heart Pendant


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As a symbol for love and loyalty, this Swallow Heart Necklace is hard to beat. The swallow is usually considered to be symbolic of passion and familial ties, making it a perfect companion for the loving heart. Symbolism alone does not account for its beauty, though, and that is due in a large part to the craftsmanship. The central feature of this necklace is a stunningly beautiful and vibrant Swarovski crystal, cut in the shape of a heart and rendered in a deep shade of red. The heart connects to a swallow on each side, linked by short chains. Attached to the swallow tails are the links of the silver chain necklace, which makes this stunning necklace convenient and comfortable to wear. The metallic elements of this pendant are crafted from fine English pewter, which gives them a polished finish that is quite similar to that of silver, only it will retain its luster for much longer. Elegant, subtle, and yet striking in its appearance, this Swallow Heart Necklace is a beautiful example of fine jewelry that would complement just about any look.

Key Features:

  • Made from fine English pewter
  • Displays swallows supporting a heart
  • Features Swarovski crystal heart
  • Comes on a chain
  • Great gothic accessory or gift idea


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