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The skull is the classic symbol of death-metal and gothic style, and with this Gothic Skull Horn Ear Stud added to your wardrobe, there is not one single attire you own that cannot benefit from having a grim skull to grin and look just over your shoulder. Distinctive for its unique little touches, this single ear stud is a clever part of any gothic enthusiasts ensemble. The earring is a two-piece accent, featuring a front stud and a backer. The front stud is a traditional gothic skull with hollow eyes and a missing jaw, which adds a deathless stare to your look. The backer is shaped like a classic claw or horn, and it secures easily to the surgical steel post that holds the stud to your ear. Together, the two create the look of having a slightly stretched lobe as well. Another added fun feature of this earring is that you can mix and match it with other earrings, to create asymmetrical sets, further adding fun appeal to your look and style, too. This stud style earring is offered as a single piece, which can be worn on either ear. It is crafted entirely in fine English pewter. The grim style of this Gothic Skull Horn Ear Stud makes it a fine addition to any gothic guy or girls attire, as well as a killer little accessory that can easily be worn on any given day of the week, alone or with other pieces.

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Key Features:

  • Made From Fine English Pewter
  • Depicts A Traditional, Grim, and Gothic Skull
  • Adorned with a Long Claw-Style-Horn Stud
  • Gives the Look of Subtle Lobe Stretching
  • Offered as a Single Stud-Earring
  • Features a Surgical Steel Post
  • Fits Either Ear with Ease
  • A Gothic Accessory that is Great for Everyday Wear


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