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Fine gloves go well with just about any look you can imagine. Knights, kings, warriors, swordsmen, soldiers, brigands, bandits, wizards, and more can all enjoy the look of good gloves, and these Suede Leather Gloves are just that, and more. Supple, soft, and altogether comfortable, these gloves are a fine choice to wear when you need some light protection for your hands, as well as a fine accent to add to your look. Suede leather makes the gloves easy to move about in, while also adding a rich look to their general appearance as well, making them perfect for warriors and nobles alike. Not to mention, the long-cuff style, which has been seen through the ages, serves only to enhance their appeal. They are great as traditional gloves in your look, as well as gloves for a knight or warrior to wear under their mail or gauntlets, too. The gloves come in two sizes (medium and large), and are, of course, offered as a matched set. Infinitely versatile, these Suede Leather Gloves are, perhaps, one of the few items that can literally be used with everything you might wear, serving well not just in medieval costumes, but also in renaissance looks, steampunk costumes, fantasy attires, and just about anything else, too!

Key Features:

  • A Classic Pair of Leather Gloves
  • Made from Fine Black Suede Leather
  • Features a Long Cuff Style that is Comfortable to Wear
  • Offered in Two Different Sizes
  • Looks Great with a Wide Variety of Different Looks

Overall LengthHand LengthCuff CircumferenceWrist CircumferenceKnuckle CircumferencePalm Width
Medium11.5 inches8.25 inches12.5 inches10.25 inches9.75 inches4.75 inches
Large13.5 inches8.25 inches12.5 inches10.75 inches10.5 inches5.25 inches


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