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In the realm of historical reenactment or fantasy dress, the details make all the difference. Enter the Knights Suede Gloves – your indispensable accessory for embodying the spirit of chivalry, adventure, and elegance. Designed not just for knights but also for rogues, and characters spanning the spectrums of history and imagination, these gloves are a testament to both form and function.

Every pair of Knights Suede Gloves is crafted from suede, offering not only comfort but also durability that stands the test of time and battle. This ensures that your hands stay protected whether you are brandishing a sword or shaking hands with fellow adventurers.

The gloves come in a range of five sizes, ensuring the best fit for many warriors, wanderers, or any other character in between. This means that every pair of gloves provides not just warmth and protection but also a extension of your persona.

Distinctive Quilting for Distinctive Characters

What sets the Knights Suede Gloves apart is their detailing. The gloves feature straight quilting across the hands and fingers, a design choice that adds both visual appeal and enhanced durability. The wrists are adorned with elegant diamond quilting, imbuing the gloves with a distinctive look that is both noble and striking.

This thoughtful blend of quilting styles not only adds to the aesthetic value but also increases the flexibility and comfort of the gloves, allowing for unrestricted movement and dexterity. Whether you are wielding a bow, casting a spell, or simply enjoying a day at the fair, these gloves move with you, becoming an extension of your characters dynamism.

Versatile Styling

The Knights Suede Gloves are designed to complement a wide range of attire, from the most heavily armored knight to the stealthiest rogue. Their timeless design and suede construction ensure they are equally at home at a Renaissance faire, a theatrical performance, or any gathering where historical or fantasy attire is celebrated.

Their practicality extends beyond their aesthetic appeal. The gloves are ideal for wearing with gauntlets, providing an extra layer of comfort and protection without compromising on style. Yet, they are equally stunning when worn alone, serving as a focal point or a subtle nod to the character you are portraying.

Your Next Adventure Awaits

Whether you are jousting at a tournament, exploring ancient ruins, or simply seeking an accessory that stands out in both craftsmanship and story, the Knights Suede Gloves are an choice. They bridge the gap between utility and style, offering an accessory that is not only visually captivating but also rich in narrative potential.

Join the ranks of those who know that true character shines in the details. With the Knights Suede Gloves, you are not just dressing the part – you are living the legend.

Key Features:

  • Size Variability: Comes in five distinct sizes to accommodate warriors hands of various sizes.
  • Unique Quilting Design: Features distinct straight and diamond quilting for enhanced durability, aesthetics, and flexibility.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for historical reenactment, fantasy dress-up, theatrical performances, and Renaissance faires.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Their timeless design complements a vast array of characters, from knights to rogues.
  • Unrestricted Movement: Designed for ease of movement, allowing for optimal dexterity in any scenario.


  • Made from suede

Care Instructions:

  • Remove dirt with a bristle brush. Brush in a single direction to keep nap uniform. Use cornstarch or a suede eraser to absorb and remove any grease stains. Do not wash. Keep dry.


  • Size 6: Hand Circumference – 6.7-7.5 Inches
  • Size 7: Hand Circumference – 7.5-8.3 Inches
  • Size 8: Hand Circumference – 8.3-9.25 Inches
  • Size 9: Hand Circumference – 9.25-10.2 Inches
  • Size 10: Hand Circumference – 10.2-11.2 Inches
  • Size 11: Hand Circumference – 12.2 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

This hand measurement is based on suggested hand circumference, not the measurements of the actual glove.
Hand Circumference
Size 66.7-7.5 inches
Size 77.5-8.3 inches
Size 88.3-9.25 inches
Size 99.25-10.2 inches
Size 1010.2-11.2 inches
Size 1112.2 inches


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