Steel Ring-Hilted Dagger


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A simple dagger could be argued as the best kind of dagger, simply because without all the intricate designs, the weapon has to speak for itself in terms of use and quality. Nothing better can be said of the Steel Ring-Hilted Dagger. What it lacks in artistic design, it provides for in function. Fairly typical for a dagger, the tapers to a strong point, ensuring that the dagger excels at piercing attacks. The guard is a stout, strong cross-bar, and fulfills the role of an effective guard against attacks should the need arise, as well as limiting the level of penetration that the dagger can achieve. The black hilt is encircled by concentric metal circles, providing a strong, reinforced grip that will not give or break, while the pommel is a small triangular point that could double as a striking point, should the wielder not be able to get the blade around in-time. Overall, the Steel Ring-Hilted Dagger is a simple dagger, and an effective dagger, the likes of which any owner would be glad to add to his collection.

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • Includes Cast-Metal Scabbard
  • Simple Design
  • Steel Ring Grip


  • Overall Length: 11.75 Inches


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