Spangenhelm with Medium Flare Nasal Guard



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Conical helmets made up from separate metal plates (spangen) held together and reinforced with metal banding and rivets were in use as early as the 6th century and continued to be used in various forms as late as the 15th century. Our spangenhelms are typical of those in use throughout northern Europe during the 11th century and famously worn by knights on both sides during the Norman invasion of England in 1066. They are constructed from 16 gauge steel, the bowl comprising of two halves, welded together along a center line back to front. Constructing the bowl from two halves as opposed to four or more separate plates is advantageous in terms of overall strength but would have been a time consuming and costly option for armorers of the period. Steel rivets are used to attach the overlying banding and nose-guard (nasal) to the helmet bowl. The nasal is cut from 3mm thick steel, which is creased along its entire length to increase strength and rigidity. The Spangenhelm is available in two sizes, medium and large and comes with an adjustable leather liner and chinstrap.

Made by GDFB

Key Features:

  • Has Adjustable Liner
  • Comes With Chin Straps
  • Authentic Spangenhelm Helmet
  • Available In Two Sizes
  • Great Viking Helm

Head Circumference Overall Height Steel Thickness
Medium Up to 25.5 inches 11 inches 16 Gauge
Large Up to 26 inches 11.5 inches 16 Gauge


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