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As simple as it looks, the Simple Pirate Bodice is an impressive garment that draws much of its look from the little details. This sleeveless bodice is fully reversible, which makes it as versatile as it is attractive and elegant. This bodice is made from 100 percent twill and can be machine washed and dried. The small decorative flaps along the bottom hem of the bodice help the bodice and its owner stand out in a crowd, and it has trim around the edges in order to accentuate its appearance even more. Made from strong, supportive materials, this bodice does not need much in the way of boning, as it offers more than enough support on its own. The Simple Pirate Bodice laces up the front, featuring many grommets which ensure that it can be laced to proper fit, while also featuring just a touch of shiny decoration. But do not let the name of this bodice pigeonhole it into one category alone, because the Simple Pirate bodice is great for making not only pirate looks, but classic medieval looks as well!

Key Features:

  • Fully Reversible Design
  • Laces Up along the Front
  • Sturdy Materials Make This Bodice Very Supportive
  • Machine Washable for Easy Care and Comfort
  • A Beautiful Complement to Medieval and Renaissance Styles
  • Made in the USA


  • Made from 100 percent cotton twill fabric


  • WAIST: This bodice is sized in Inches, not a standard dress size. Please select the size that is closest to your natural waist line. Your natural waist line is usually located right at the belly button.
  • BUST: The bodice laces up the back to accommodate any bust size.
  • The most common mistake when ordering – not ordering by exact waist size. Do not order by your bra size.

BustWaistShoulder to ShoulderOverall Length
24-26 Inch Waist 33 inches24-26 inches 11.5 inches21.5 inches
27-29 Inch Waist 35.5 inches27-29 inches 12.75 inches21.5 inches
30-32 Inch Waist 39 inches30-32 inches 13 inches21.75 inches
33-35 Inch Waist 39 inches33-35 inches 13 inches21.75 inches
36-38 Inch Waist 42.5 inches36-38 inches 14 inches21.75 inches
39-41 Inch Waist 39-41 inches
42-44 Inch Waist 45 inches42-44 inches 15.25 inches22.75 inches


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