Petra Burgundy Taffeta Overbust Corset


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No matter where or when your love for roleplay and fashion takes you, whether you take inspiration from Gothic romance or Victorian ingenuity, the Petra Burgundy Taffeta Overbust Corset creates a look that is elegant and unique. This sweetheart corset is fashioned from taffeta. Steel boning not only reinforces its hourglass waist and heart-shaped neckline, but also creates a distinctive longline look. Pleated ruffles follow the lower hem. Clip fasteners run down the front center, while a modesty panel and lacing allow you to adjust the fit in the back.

Key Features:

  • Overbust design with heart-shaped neckline
  • Hourglass shape reinforced with steel boning
  • Clip fastenings run down the front center
  • Fitted with a modesty panel and lacing in the back
  • Gorgeous addition to countless costumes and looks


  • Made from taffeta fabric

BustWaistHipsFront LengthBack LengthSide Length
20 Inch30 inches22-23 inches33 inchesNANANA
22 Inch32 inches24-25 inches35 inchesNANANA
24 Inch34 inches26-27 inches37 inches15 inches14.25 inches13 inches
26 Inch36 inches28-29 inches39 inches16.25 inches14.25 inches13 inches
28 Inch38 inches30-31 inches41 inches17 inches14.25 inches13.25 inches
30 Inch40 inches32-33 inches43 inchesNANANA
32 Inch42 inches34-35 inches45 inches17.75 inches15.5 inches14.5 inches
34 Inch44 inches36-37 inches47 inchesNANANA
36 Inch46 inches38-39 inches49 inchesNANANA
38 Inch48 inches39-40 inches51 inches16.25 inches15.5 inches14.5 inches


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