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The scimitar: a sword to strike fear into the hearts of even the stoutest opponent. Weapons right out of history, scimitars swords are renowned for their mesmerizing deftness when in the hands of a master. Now you can own a piece of history yourself with one of our scimitars!

This gorgeous, larger sized scimitar in stainless steel will be the prize of your collection! With an overall length of 40 inches and a very graceful, curved blade, this scimitar is elegant-looking as it is a dangerous weapon of war. 

Wielded similarly to a saber or a broadsword and with blades designed for smooth, drawing cuts, scimitar swords are historically linked to Asian martial forces such as the medieval Turks and Persians. Scimitar swords were one of the signature swords of both the infantry and the cavalry of the fearsome and powerful Ottoman Empire. Meant to be held in one hand, scimitar swords left the other hand free for wielding a shield, a secondary weapon, or anything else you could think of to aid in battle.

Scimitar swords are sometimes referred to as “backswords” because of their single-edged design, as their triangular cross section gives a flat back edge opposite the cutting edge of the sword. The name “scimitar”, meanwhile, is thought to be a corruption of the Persian word shamshir, which roughly translates as “paw claw”, though it’s also synonymous with the word “sword” itself. With scimitar swords featuring a long, swept blade, this certainly makes sense as one possible origin of the name of the scimitar. No matter what name you called it by, anyone meeting enemies armed with scimitar swords would be in for the fight of their lives..

This fine example of a scimitar features a stainless steel sword blade, a hilt made from burnished wood, and a sword pommel and crossguard finished in pewter. This sword will look just as good at your hip as it will mounted on your wall! Our Scimitar Swords come with a supple dark leather scabbard that easily attaches to your belt when it’s time to walk tall. These weapons make a lovely display piece, an intriguing collectible, and a great costume weapon to carry at your side for anyone interested in historical reenactment for Middle-Eastern cultures such as the Ottoman Empire. 

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Sword blade has a traditional curved shape
  • Pommel and guard have a pewter finish
  • Includes a black sheath for easy carrying and storage
  • Great as a display piece, collectible, or costume weapon


  • Scimitar blade is made of stainless steel
  • Sword handle is made of wood
  • Blade sheath is made of leather


  • Overall Length: 40 Inches


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