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Few warriors go into battle barefoot, and not even a lord of war would march onto the field of combat without some kind of footwear. Recreating the look of old Grecian and Roman style, these Roman War-God Sandals are fantastic fit for any warrior! Combining just the right touch of an armored look with a stylized design, these sandals are the perfect pair of footwear for any age-old historic warrior to wear. While they are not quite the Roman caligae of old, they are certainly a fine stand-in, being made from brown leather that covers the upper foot and lower leg with ease. The sandal also features a flat sole with a subtle heel, for added comfort when walking and moving. Adorning the leather guard that covers the front of the leg is a trio of bands, which are accented with brass discs in a round, sunburst pattern. These sandals are offered in four different sizes, and each pair features a trio of adjustable leather buckles that wrap around the leg, to secure the footwear in place. They are distinctive footwear, that much is certain, and they are a perfect touch of warrior style for anyone who plans on transforming themselves into a legionary, hoplite, or legendary hero. And if you plan on being heroic, then so much the better, as these Roman War-God Sandals will allow you to tread easily along the path to greatness!

Key Features:

  • An Authentic Looking Greco-Roman Sandal
  • Made from Synthetic Leather with Stitched Accents
  • Adorned with Brass Medallions in Sunburst Patterns
  • A Flat Soled Sandal With a Short Heel and a Leg Guard
  • Designed to be High Quality Footwear
  • A Perfect Sandal for Greek Warriors, Roman Legionaries, and Legendary Heroes

Standard US Shoe sizes. Runs true to size – these are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.

Shaft Height Heel Height Calf Circumference Ankle Circumference
Small (Size 8-9)
Medium (Size 10-11)
Large (Size 12-13)
X-Large (Size 14) NA NA NA NA


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