Roman Leather Bag

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For the typical Roman, who was not wealthy beyond all measure, the method of choice when carrying around their personal belongings was something similar to the Roman Leather Bag. And now, even a modern enthusiast can enjoy this quality container. The bag is made from quality leather and features both a handle attached to the bags flap and a long strap secured to the ends of the bag, allowing it to easily be carried in the hand or off the shoulder. The bag is square in shape and closes via a flap, and is perfect for carrying all sorts of amenities, both modern and historic. If you have got a classic Roman look, you can store all your modern items here, including your wallet, cell phone, and keys, and none will ever be the wiser. And if you are a re-enactor, you can store classic tools, coins, and other items, just like a real Roman citizen might have carried, if they had owned a Roman Leather Bag!

Key Features:

  • Features Two Different Straps for Carrying
  • Spacious and Great for Carrying Many Different Items
  • Looks Great with Roman Looks and Other Historical Appearances
  • Great for Reenactors and Collectors


  • Made from vegetable-tanned Leather

LengthWidth Depth
One Size7.75 inches4.25 inches0.8 inches


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