Roman Camping Gear

The Romans, particularly legionnaires with the army, were intimately familiar with the act of camping. When on long marches away from home and civilization, the Roman forces would have no choice but to break out their camping supplies in order to create a safe and secure place for the army to rest. Roman camping equipment often consisted of essentials that would be required for survival, including things like cooking tools, water rations, and other important materials that would allow construction of a safe and relatively comfortable position suitable for temporary rest. We offer many items that could likely have been found on a Roman legionary or located in the camp of a Roman army. Things like all-metal buckets and cooking pans would have been common, as would simple fire braziers constructed of metal slats and simple stoves for efficiently preparing meals over campfires. All of this, and more, can be found here in our Roman Camping Gear category, where you can turn back the clock on your camping experience and do it just like the Romans did roughly 2,000 years ago.


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