Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif – 9mm Flat Rings


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Steeped in the annals of history, the Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif in 9mm Flat Rings beckons to those who hold a deep reverence for the bygone eras of knights and warriors. Crafted for the modern-day protector, cosplayer, and historical enthusiast, this medieval chainmail coif is more than just a piece of armor; it is a bridge to the past.

At the heart of its design, the coif features 9mm flat rings, expertly woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern. The pattern consists of four rings woven through one ring. This assembly not only ensures formidable strength but also offers a degree of flexibility unseen in lesser imitations. Every round riveted ring, made from 17-gauge mild steel, is interwoven with solid rings, enhancing the coifs resilience and authenticity.

Designed for Versatility

Whether you are charging into a LARP battle, making a statement at a theatrical production, or embodying a character in cosplay, the Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif is your steadfast companion. Its square face opening provides not only protection but also visibility and breathability, essential for any wearer engaged in dynamic activities.

The rounded hem of the coif adds an element of elegance and practicality, draping naturally to protect vital areas without hindering movement. This thoughtful detail underscores the blend of form and function that makes the Chainmail Coif stand out.

Your Armor, Your Story

Every knight, every warrior, every enthusiast has a story to tell—a story of battles fought, characters embodied, and eras revisited. The Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif, with its robust construction and historical charm, is ready to be part of your narrative. Whether on the fields of LARP or the stages of performance, it is not just armor; it is a statement.

Step into the realm of legend with the Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif in 9mm Flat Rings. Experience the perfect fusion of history, craftsmanship, and the spirit of adventure.

Key Features:

  • Round Riveted for Strength: The round riveted and solid rings enhances the coifs overall strength and resilience, ensuring it stands the test of time and battle.
  • Traditional 4-in-1 Pattern Weave: This classic chainmail pattern not only offers superior strength but also provides flexibility, allowing for ease of movement in any scenario.
  • Square Face Opening: Designed for optimum protection while maintaining visibility and breathability, ensuring comfort during extended wear in various activities.
  • Elegant Rounded Hem: A design that combines practicality with aesthetics, offering additional protection without impeding mobility.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for LARP, theatrical productions, cosplay, and historical reenactments, this coif is a versatile piece for any enthusiast looking to make a statement or step into the shoes of a character from the past.


  • Made from 17-gauge mild steel

Care Instructions:

Ring Diameter
One Size9 millimeters


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