Replacement String for 120cm IDV Bows


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It is an unfortunate day when your bowstring breaks, rendering you useless as an archer. Things like this can happen, through consistent use and age but you cannot let it stop you, so carry a Replacement String for 120cm IDV Bows! Just as the name suggests, this is a backup bowstring for IDV LARP bows, should you ever need to replace a broken or worn out bowstring. This bowstring is durable, and its lifespan can be prolonged by unstringing your bow when not in use. Never find yourself without a backup bowstring by keeping this replacement in your LARP gear!

Key Features:

  • Sized to fit 120cm IDV LARP bows
  • A durable and reliable LARP bowstring
  • Perfect for any LARP archer


  • Made from Dacron string

Care Instructions:

  • To prolong bowstring life, unstring bow after each use.


  • Length: 47.2 Inches
  • Measurements are approximate


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