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Not all who ruled favored extravagant and excessive shows of wealth. Some favored a muted, subdued style. For those rulers and royals who find themselves seeking a simple crown, we offer the Renaissance Queens Crown. This crown is a simple accessory with a distinctive feminine style, making it the perfect touch to add to any regal or dressed-up look. This crown consists of a series of wire-thin supports that wrap around the head, creating an elegant series of circlets, all bound together. Bound in their midst are decorative strands of spiral-engraved wire, while at the center of the crown is a twisted loop. Elegant leaves also adorn the crowns surface, adding a touch of decoration just where it is needed. This crown is available in an attractive silver color, and it measure approximately 1.19 inches tall. As its name implies, this Renaissance Queens Crown is a great crown for a Renaissance-styled queen who favors a simple, subtle style to accent her beauty and status, although its simplicity also makes it a great addition to a variety of medieval, Renaissance, and contemporary styles.

Key Features:

  • A Simple Yet Regal Looking Crown
  • Impressively Decorated Appearance
  • Available Only in Silver coloration
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs, Weddings, Dances, and Formal Occasions


  • Made from electro-plated copper

One Size18.75 inches6.25 inches1.19 inches


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