Ralf Steel Kettle Hat Helm



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The Ralf Steel Kettle Hat Helm allows you to take on the role of an 11th century infantryman for LARP and reenactment. Also referred to as the helmet of the commoner, the kettle hat was used widely throughout Medieval Europe. Handcrafted from 18-gauge steel, this helmet consists of a conical dome and wide brim. A central ridge and rivets provide extra protection against blows. Leather buckle straps adjust the fit under the chin.

Please be aware that this armour is handmade, and it can be thicker than listed here. As such, it is intended mainly for costuming, light reenactment, and LARP.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the infantrymen of the 11th century
  • Medieval helmet with conical dome and wide brim
  • Fitted with an adjustable buckle strap at the chin
  • Strengthens your defense for LARP


  • Crafted from 18 gauge mild steel
  • Fittings are leather


  • Small Circumference: 22 – 22.8 Inches
  • Large Circumference: 23.2 – 24.4 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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