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Sometimes the best decorations you can give a weapon are the ones that make it more intimidating. Already a terrifying weapon, the Predator Battle Axe is all the more frightening thanks to certain elements of its design. Featuring a stylized double-bladed stainless steel axe-blade, this weapons visage is rendered all the more frightening by the addition of skulls and spikes. The axes blades are mounted to a circular centerpiece, consisting of a metal ring set with ten stainless steel spikes around the edge, with a single, longer thrusting spike at the top. Set at the center of the circle is a vicious looking skull, complete with a pair of wicked fangs. The haft of the weapon is all cast-metal, black from the axe-piece down to the grip, which is steel-wire wrapped for security. The pommel is of similar design – a single skull, clutched tight by a wicked, four-fingered claw. Mount the fearsome Predator Battle Axe on your wall. After all, only a powerful warrior could own such a terrifying weapon

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • Includes Display Plaque
  • Stainless Steel Axe Blades
  • Features eleven Stainless Steel Spikes
  • All Metal Construction
  • Cast Resin Skull as Centerpiece


  • Overall Length: 25 Inches
  • Handle Width: 1.25-1.5 Inches


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