Polish Saber

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The Polish saber: weapon of choice for the Polish Hussars, that famed cavalry fighting force that struck fear into the hearts of all that had to cross swords with these valiant warriors. A Polish saber in the hand of a Hussar, whether mounted or not, was a sword blade that could do some serious damage and destruction. Now, you can own a piece of history in your own hand, thanks to these painstakingly-designed replicas of the original 17th century Polish sabers but with modern blade durability and construction!

With a design inspired by examples of early 17th century Polish sabers, this functional Polish saber would have been the perfect sword to have been used both on horseback and on foot.  A high-performance sword for collectors and modern warriors alike, this Polish Saber was designed by renowned blade smith Dave Baker. Created from expertly heat-treated high carbon steel, this Polish saber features a fully sharpened, distal-tapered curved blade that delivers exceptional cuts while remaining stiff enough for thrusting moves – an important part of cavalry combat and an important design facet for all battlefield sabers. 

The Polish saber required learning a style of sword combat that requires as much speed and skill as it does power and precision, making it one of the deadliest swords around in the hands of a saber master. Less structured than foil or even epee fencing, the large, flat blade of a saber meant that slashing was an important part of its martial tradition. Polish noblemen, trained from an early age in the art of wielding one of these sabers, would have carried these battlefield sabers with expert skill, showing off their phenomenal cutting potential and sabre-fencing expertise. 

These 17th century Polish sabers each come complete with a handsome red leather scabbard with steel fittings to keep them safe from the elements. Looking for more than just Polish sabers? We have an extensive sword and blade collection, many of which come with their own leather scabbard with steel fittings as well. We’re also proud to carry full lines of armor, garb, jewelry, decor, and accessories – everything you could ever want for your next LARP, reenactment, costume party, or Renaissance faire event. Whether you’re looking for a Polish saber, another type of sword, or anything else, rely on Dark Knight Armoury. Browse today!

Key Polish Saber Features:

  • Blade features distal tapered, curved blade
  • Blade great for both cutting and thrusting
  • Swords designed by Dave Baker
  • Sword inspired by 17th century blade
  • Comes with red leather scabbard


  • Blade is made of 1055 high carbon steel
Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthBlade ThicknessWeight
One Size38 inches32 inches6 inches0.25 inch2.5 pounds


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