Ozoshann LARP Mage Orb Staff Head

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You enter the court. The Ozoshann LARP Mage Orb Staff Head on your staff draws the attention of the gathering with its mystical appearance. Made from latex-free foam, this staff head comes in four color options. To begin with, the staff head has an orb on top and a fitting on the bottom.

The orb has a richly colored finish and a wavy design on its surface. Meanwhile, the fitting appears to grasp the orb with multiple claws. Then, it has a central ring with diamond-shaped accents and a scrollwork pattern. The staff head ends with straight points that envelope the top of a staff, not included. This fitting works best with either the Wood Finish LARP Staff (CL-331) or the Pilgrim LARP Staff (CL-242), each sold separately.

Also, the coloring of the fitting depends on the color of the orb chosen. For example, the green orb has a dark silver fitting. It features a brown central ring with grey accents. Meanwhile, the blue orb has an all-silver fitting with blue accents. The orange has an all-bronze look, and the purple has a dark grey, near black look with purple accents. The Ozoshann LARP Mage Orb Staff Head makes a fantastic accessory for any wizard, mage, sorcerer, and a variety of other magical characters.

Please be aware that, as the item is hand-painted, the color can vary from what is shown.

Key Features:

  • Comes in four color options
  • Works best with CL-331 or CL-242, sold separately
  • Highly detailed
  • Ideal accessory for magical characters
  • Great for LARP events and cosplay conventions


  • Made from latex-free foam


  • Overall Length: 9.1 Inches
  • Inner Length: 7.9 Inches
  • Orb Diameter: 3.9 Inches
  • Inner Depth: 1.5 Inches
  • Inner Width: 1.2 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

1 review for Ozoshann LARP Mage Orb Staff Head

  1. Kevin Kearney (verified owner)

    Looks awesome. Relatively soft. I’m confident it can be used for LARP, but I would not use a full-strength swing.

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