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Warrioress, impress friend and foe alike while you wear the Morgana Leather Armour Set to protect yourself in battle from attack. Made from premium leather, this fantasy armour set comes in two color options and one size. To begin with, it includes a cuirass, tassets, bracers, spaulders, and gorget.

The female cuirass has a front and back that secure together with straps at the sides as well as additional shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are removable for attaching the gorget. For the front and back of the cuirass, there is a central plate with multiple sides plates.

For the brown color option, the sides plates are brown, while the central plate is green. Meanwhile, the black color option features the side plates in black, the main color. It has its central plate in red, the accent color. This central plate has a textured floral scrollwork pattern. The front plate features a V-shaped neckline and a pointed edge at the bottom. The cuirass has buckles at the bottom for attaching the tassets.

Each tasset has a pair of plates with an asymmetrical design. The top plate is the main color, while the plate underneath has the accent color. They have straps at the top for securing to the cuirass.

Then, the gorget features concave curves along the sides and a tall collar. The collar is taller in the back with a double-plate design. Again, the outer plate is the main color with the inner plate being the accent color. In addition, the front of the collar has slits for attaching the spaulders. Both the front and back of the gorget have D-rings for attaching the gorget to the cuirass.

Moving on to the pair of spaulders, the spaulders have straps for securing to the gorget. They also have straps for securing on the upper arms. Furthermore, each spaulder has four plates.

Finally, the bracers also come as a pair. They secure to the arms with straps. The bracers have a main plate and base. The main plate has concave sides. It is the main color. Rivets attach it to the base. The base plate is in the accent color. In summary, this leather armour set is great for any LARP event or Renaissance faire. It works with a variety of characters.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Comes in two color options
  • Includes a cuirass, gorget, tassets, spaulders, and bracers
  • Secures with straps
  • Features a foliage scrollwork pattern
  • Great for LARP events and Ren faires


  • Handcrafted from 7-8 oz premium leather

Care Instructions:

  • Remove dirt with a hard brush, then gently clean with leather soap and a soft, damp cloth. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to wipe away remaining water. Let dry naturally. Condition with oil or polish, then wipe with a final cloth to remove excess residue.


  • Cuirass: Length – 14.6 Inches, Waist – 31.1-35.8 Inches,
  • Gorget: Neck Circumference – 18-24 Inches, Back Height – 11.5 Inches, Back Width – 11 Inches, Front Height – 6 Inches, Front Width – 9 Inches
  • Spaulders: Length – 9.1 Inches, Width – 12.6 Inches, Arm Circumference – 11-16.3 Inches
  • Tassets: Length – 8.7 Inches, Width – 7.9 Inches
  • Bracers: Length – 9.1 Inches, Circumference – 9.4 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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