Leather Armor Packages

Sometimes, putting together a full suit of armor can be a hassle and a headache, one that you just do not need. Luckily, when you visit our armor packages section, you will find that Dark Knight Armoury has done all the work for you, as we offer a number of great package deals that feature a number of quality pieces of leather armor. And there is quite a variety of armor to be found here, ranging from smaller sets that include a few pieces of leather armor to full suits of leather armor that will keep you protected from head to toe! Some of our sets of leather armor feature a design inspired by fantasy, which makes them perfect for creating all manner of stylish and stunning looks, ranging from barbarians to Vikings to knights and more. Others lean towards realism, recreating traditional pieces of medieval leather armor that are as functional as they are stylish. All of the leather armor found here is made in a variety of different weights, ranging from 7-8 ounce leather to 13-15 ounce leather and some that fall in-between. Each suit of leather armor or leather armor sets will list their specified leather weights. Virtually all of our leather armor sets are perfect for use as either complete costumes or as costume pieces, or as LARP armor and Renaissance fair wear, while some possess the strength to be functional leather armor that any warrior would gladly wear into an actual reenactment battles and more. And the best part is that you are guaranteed to save when you buy a leather armor package, because the package deal is definitely cheaper than buying each piece individually! So take the hassle out of building your look or suit of leather armor, and instead visit Dark Knight Armoury. Browse our armor packages section and pick up a set of leather armor that suits your needs and tastes, and when it arrives, you can put all your energy into really enjoying the killer leather gear that you now own.


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