Medium Black Chainmail Shirt

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Reach for the Medium Black Chainmail Shirt next time you want an added layer of protection for your precious body during battle. This black chainmail shirt is perfect for LARP events, Renaissance fairs, and medieval reenactments. The rings of this butted mail shirt are constructed of 16 gauge mild steel. Butted mail is the most economical construction style of mail and has limited historical precedent. It is fine for general costuming and roleplaying use, but is not recommended for weapons-contact reenactment. Ideal for non-contact LARPers, this shirt provides a truly authentic appearance.

Key Features:

  • Features short sleeve construction
  • Displays a blackened finish
  • Ideal for protecting the body during battle
  • Great for LARP or costume use
  • Inner ring diameter is 9.5mm


  • Made from 16 gauge steel


  • Ring Diameter: 0.5 Inch


  • Chest: 48 Inches


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