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In the ancient world, when pockets were relatively non-existent, people needed a way to safely carry about their money and coinage. The common solution was something akin to this Medieval Leather Coin Pouch – a small bag for carrying money. This particular bag is made entirely from fine, supple leather, which gives it enough soft texture to flex and move. The pouch also possesses a fitted leather mouth and a drawstring closure, ensuring that the bag can be securely closed to keep whatever you have placed inside secure and safe. Affixed or tied to a belt or at your waist, this Medieval Leather Coin Pouch can serve well as a container for your money, real or otherwise (because who does not love to carry a pouch of jangling coins). It is also great for carrying other things as well, including pixie dust, magic components, and more!

Historical Info:

Coin purses date back as far as 3,300 B.C. (the earliest example of one was dated around this period). Both men and women wore them, and they were often elaborate in design. As time went on, they grew more and more elaborate, until about the 17th century, when they reached their height of design. It was also around this time that mens breeches started coming with built in pockets, negating the need for a man to carry a coin purse (many still did in their pockets, though).

Key Features:

  • A Versatile Leather Pouch
  • Made from Fine, Quality Leather
  • Has a Drawstring Closure
  • Smaller Size Makes it Light and Discreet
  • Ideal for Carrying and Storing Trinkets, Accessories, and Small Modern Amenities
  • A Great Accent for Virtually Medieval Costume or Look

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