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A traditional shield typically required the full use of an arm to wield properly, and could also limit the wielders agility and mobility slightly. The same could not be said of the Cold Steels recreation of this Medieval Buckler. A buckler is essentially a small, one-handed shield that is approximately the size of a large dinner plate. It often accompanied a swordsman as an aid in defense and was designed to be light and maneuverable, allowing a warrior to retain a good portion of their mobility and agility, even when deflecting blows with a shield. This Cold Steel replica is stoutly made of high impact polypropylene and features a thick, sturdy raised boss that protects the hand, as well as a rugged handle that will withstand plenty of hard use. As always, it is best to wear eye protection and use appropriate equipment when training. Please note that this buckler is not for use against metal weapons. When you are training with a sword and you want to keep your agility while still utilizing a shield, then there is no better defense to reach for than this Cold Steel Medieval Buckler.

Key Features:

  • An ideal training shield
  • Light and mobile shape
  • Stout and sturdy construction
  • Rugged handle will withstand plenty of use
  • Not for use with metal weapons


  • Made of polypropylene


  • Diameter: 12 Inches
  • Thickness: 0.5 Inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 2.7 oz.


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