Mantikor Knight Armour Outfit

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Celtic Mantikor Leather Cuirass

Heed these words, brave warrior. Never enter a LARP kingdom without a solid defense. Crafted from multiple riveted segments, the Celtic Mantikor Leather Cuirass offers the protection you need when braving an unpredictable world.

Artax Leather Pauldrons

Be both imposing and properly armored for battle, stand tall with your shoulders squared and protected by the Artax Leather Pauldrons. Crafted from quality leather, these spaulders increase your defense for light combat and training.

Celtic Mantikor Leather Tassets

Trustworthy armour is always necessary when adventuring through a LARP kingdom, especially when it comes to guarding your limbs. Reinforce the style and defense of your roleplay character by adding the Celtic Mantikor Leather Tassets.

Celtic Mantikor Leather Greaves

Fight bravely for your clan in a battle worthy of historical legend or become a mystic warrior of a fantasy realm while wearing the Celtic Mantikor Leather Greaves. This fine pair offers protection to your shins during LARP warfare.

Richard Oiled Chainmail Hauberk

Armour-wearing warriors know the value of good protection, so add comprehensive defense to your medieval or fantasy ensemble when you wear the Richard Oiled Chainmail Hauberk, a knee-length, long sleeve tunic made of steel rings.

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Chainmail Chausses

Our noble ruler has issued a decree. Invaders have entered our borders. The knights must ready themselves for war. Gird yourself in strong padding and chainmail. Reinforce your legs and encase them in the Chainmail Chausses.

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Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set – optional

When you want excellent protection during battle, the Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set is your ideal solution. The padded armour includes a gambeson, tassets, and sleeves in a versatile set that can be worn in different combinations.

Clemens Suede Gloves – optional

Details make an outfit, and the Clemens Suede Gloves are just right for a variety of medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy occasions. Accent any outfit with these sturdy and soft suede leather gloves, offered in a variety of colors.

Einhard Boots – optional

Any traveler crossing distant lands needs to wear proper footwear. Wear these premium leather Einhard Boots for a more historical look. With any costume or outfit, they are ideal to wear for a faire, reenactment, or LARP event.

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Mercenary, you look across the horizon and see the enemy coming near. You do not fear with the Mantikor Knight Armour Outfit. This wonderful bundle includes all of the Mantikor armour and more. The leather armour pieces and chainmail cover a knight from ankles up to the neck for a truly imposing outfit. There is also an array of optional items. Wear the gambeson underneath the armour for greater comfort. The gloves, boots, and belt elevate your look even further. This complete armour bundle allows you to easily create an impressive appearance. Also, buying this armour ensemble saves you 5 percent on the whole bundle. This Mantikor Knight Armour Outfit is fantastic for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and reenactments.

Key Features:

  • Includes Mantikor armour pieces and more
  • Multiple optional accessories
  • Easy way to create an impressive look
  • Save 5 percent on complete knight outfit
  • Great for LARP, reenactments, and faires

Here is what you get:

  • Celtic Mantikor Leather Cuirass #MY100416
  • Artax Leather Pauldrons #MY100411
  • Celtic Mantikor Leather Tassets #MY100417
  • Celtic Mantikor Leather Greaves #MY100691
  • Richard Oiled Chainmail Hauberk #MY100659
  • Chainmail Chausses #MY100203

Optional Accessories:

  • Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set #MY100133
  • Clemens Suede Gloves #MY100784
  • Einhard Boots #MY100933
  • Medieval Shield Buckle Belt #MY100195


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