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When you need a pair of historical-looking pants to wear with your medieval or fantasy costume, check out the Mans 15th Century Pants. Made from a wool-poly blend, this pair of black pants comes in three sizes. They are based on a 15th century design. At the waist, they have a drop-front fly. The waist secures with brown leather ties. These medieval pants are great pieces for a variety of looks.

Key Features:

  • Comes in three sizes
  • 15th century design
  • Has a drop-front fly
  • Great for a variety of characters


  • Made of a wool-polyester blend
  • Ties are leather

Large36 inches41.25 inches31 inches
X-Large38 inches41.75 inches32 inches
XX-Large40 inches43.25 inches32.5 inches

1 review for Mans 15th Century Pants

  1. drake.sunryder (verified owner)

    These have been among my favorite and least-favorite pants to wear. On one hand, they’re very nice-looking and nice-feeling. They’re supposed to be what’s called “Joined-Hose” style pants that came into fashion when they first began joining the individual men’s Hosen together at the hips to make a solid pair of pants. This was done to cover up their underwear better, which became steadily more at risk of being exposed as the hem of their tops got shorter and shorter.

    They’re made of wool, and having bought two pairs, I can say they’re very warm in the winter, but not too much that it’s uncomfortable in the summer (Although that might just be me!), and the wool and stitching is decent enough quality that it’s not gonna tear or fall apart on you. I’ve taken plenty of tumbles in them and they’ve held up! Like wool though, everything clings to them, so bear that in mind!

    The only catch about these pants that you /have/ to know going in is how you’re technically supposed to wear them. Those leather ties at the waist are intended to be tied off to the hem of a doublet or jacket. That’s how these pants were historically worn to provide a comfortable fit and prevent them from falling down. Even then, I’d personally replace the leather ties with cotton ties or another material that’ll hold better, as the leather tends to slip. You /do/ have the option of just buckling a belt at the waist and holding it up with tension, but the ties get in the way, and if you’re doing a lot of activity, the waistline will still inevitable get pulled down beneath the belt. You could potentially tie off the ties to the belt itself in some way, but I haven’t tried this.

    Without a proper way to fasten these pants, and if you also happen to be a relatively thin guy like I am, the waist will sag and be incredibly loose. It’s not brought in at all and the fact that they /only/ come in sizes Large and up doesn’t make this any easier. My waistline is AROUND 34″ and the waist still hangs off of me and isn’t snug at all. The only comfortable way /I/ can wear them is by tying them off properly to the hem of a doublet, through which I cut the holes to do so. After that, the pants fit perfectly and are very comfortable to wear. Who’da thunk wearing them their intended way would be so helpful?

    Overall, a good pair of “joined hose” pants. If you already have a plan on how you’ll wear these, go ahead and nab them.

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