M1873 Western Revolver Holster


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This M1873 Western Revolver Holster is an awesome accessory that goes great alongside a variety of revolvers. As its name implies, this holster is built for the M1873 Single Action Army, which is one of the most famous revolvers of the Wild West. This particular holster is designed around the barrel lengths and specs of the Colt revolver in civilian, gun fighter, and artillery models, which is to say Single Action Army revolvers that had barrel lengths between 4.75 inches for Civilian and gun fighter models and 5.5 inches for artillery models. This holster is made entirely in genuine leather, and it features white stitching along the rear edge, as well as a belt loop for easy wearing. It is an instant classic, as well as a must-have if you are planning on carrying along a replica Single Action Army as a part of your western look. Plus, nothing beats the authentic appeal of quick-drawing a replica pistol or a real one, for that matter, from a holster as authentic looking at this M1873 Western Revolver Holster.

Key Features:

  • An Authentic Looking Western Era Revolver Holster
  • Made Entirely in Genuine Leather
  • Designed to Fit the M1873 Single Action Army
  • Particularly Suited to 4.75 inch and 5.5 inch Barrels
  • Worn on the Belt via an Attached Belt Loop
  • A Great Costume Accessory and Replica Pistol Accent


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