Leather Holsters

We have a wide selection of quality Civil War gun holsters, including Confederate holsters and Union holsters. Our Civil War leather holsters are great for re-enactments, stage performances, and collecting. The Civil War pistol holsters come in a variety of styles and designs to suit any taste. We have left draw holsters, and right draw holsters, and hip holsters, giving you plenty of options. Our Civil War replica holsters are available in color options, as well. Many Confederate soldier holsters and Union soldier holsters have the letters CS or US imprinted on them. These military holsters are great for finishing your Civil War re-enactment apparel or costume. We also carry a wide selection of high-quality leather gun holsters, cowboy holsters, and western gun belts for collectors and re-enactors. Our Western gun holsters work well for stage productions, role-playing events, or carrying around your firearm. Our Western cartridge belts and holster belts come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate your needs. Our inventory of Western holsters includes left draw holsters, right draw holsters, double holsters, quick draw holsters, and leg holsters. Our Wild West holsters come in designs to accommodate rifles, pistols, and revolvers. No cowboy, sheriff, outlaw, Texas Ranger, U.S. Marshal, or other gunslinger should be without one of these beautiful leather holsters!


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