Left Hip Civil War Holster


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When you are putting together a costume, even something like holster style is an important detail. This Left Hip Civil War Holster is modeled on typical holsters of the era and designed to fit most Civil War replica revolvers. As its name implies, this holster is designed to be worn on the left hip, and is specifically designed so that when worn, the butt of the pistol faces forward, which enables the gun to be drawn with either hand. The holster is crafted from quality, heavy duty black leather and has an antique brass closure, which only enhances the look and feel of this holster. It is rather nondescript, which makes it perfect for either Union or Confederate soldiers or officers who are looking for a nice place to store their pistol away. This Left Hip Civil War Holster is great for reenactors to wear, as it will keep their pistol safe and secure at their side, while also making sure that every inch of their attire is perfectly period and as accurate as possible.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Heavy Duty Black Leather
  • Designed to Fit Most Civil War Era Revolvers and Replicas
  • Worn on the Left Hip
  • Sets Pistol Butt Facing Forward
  • Allows for Either Handed Draw
  • A Great Accessory for Union and Confederate Troops


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