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A tasset is a piece of plate armor that is designed to protect the upper legs. They traditionally hang from a cuirass or a fauld. Our Leather Tassets do exactly the same thing, only they are obviously made from leather, not metal. It might be fair to say that our leather tassets are a slight twist, a re-imagining of an already existing piece of armour. These tassets have been made from a series of leather plates that have been secured together to provide flexibility, strength, and durability. They are also hand-crafted from solid, durable 13/15 oz. leather that works wonderfully as a form of armour. These leather tassets have a belt loop that you can attach to a belt or straps on your cuirass as well as a thigh strap to keep them from moving around. Our Leather Tassets look very good and they will protect you well enough to keep you fighting the good fight.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from top quality 13/15 oz. leather
  • Protects the upper leg
  • A great addition to existing armour
  • Decorated with studs
  • Comfortable, provides a great fit
  • Attach by straps and buckles

Overall LengthWidth (At Top)Width (At Bottom)Thigh Circumference
One Size (Laid Flat)14.5 inches14.5 inches8 inchesFits up to 23 inches


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